Why You Should Hit The Chinese Music Market As A Musician

China has been aiming to become a superpower for a long time. They are emerging as the potential candidate for becoming the next superpower. China knows how digital media plays a significant role in contributing to a Country’s wealth and economy. They have banned several western apps like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, and even YouTube. They have built strong alternatives to these apps and they are giving competition to the Western apps.

The music market of china has become one of the biggest markets in the music industry, acquiring the seventh position in the global market. China also has separate music platforms where musicians can share their songs for the audience to listen to. Some of the notable Apps China has developed are KuGou, QQ Music, KuWo, and Xiami Music.

Bigger Audience

Since Chinese people do not have access to western apps, they are confined to use the apps that are only available in their country. They use these apps to stream music. A Chinese company named Tencent, which holds the rights to three of the largest music apps in china, namely, KuGou, QQ Music, and KuWo, has an approximate number of 760 million active users a month as recorded in December 2020. This number is quite large than the number of users the World’s most popular music app has, which is around 356 million active users a month as recorded in March 2021. The statistics describe how huge the Chinese music market is and how a musician can use this market to earn an audience.

Great Market Value

The Chinese music industry had a revenue of 800 million dollars at the end of 2018 which increased with an overwhelming rate of 11.4% and has become 1.1 billion dollars at the end of 2020. It has been expected to grow at the same rate till 2023; which will make the revenue of the market go up to 1.5 billion dollars at the end of 2023. With each passing day, the music industry is growing and has huge potential ahead with a unique audience you probably would not find on any other platform.

Lack Of Diverse Content

Since China has banned any outside interference of western media in the country, people are left with the content their country produces & with the large number of foreigners migrating into China, they do not have the privilege of accessing the western media. Chinese Music Platforms also suffer from the lack of diversity in their content. They cannot hit the international market though you can surely share your content on their platforms. It will give the audience access to western music & your content can be unique considering the lack of western media in the country.

Interactive And Compelling Platforms

China has been a real game-changer in the tech industry. They develop things people have not ever thought about. Their music platforms are the same & have the uniqueness that separates them from other music platforms. Chinese music platforms have many unique features like giving the option to users to directly connect with their favorite artists, watch their streams, interactive forums, comments section, and virtual party rooms for them to hold a mini streaming party of their own.

Unique Algorithm Of Apps

Chinese apps have algorithms that work on trend settings. You may never have shared any song on the platform but with the right use of trends and committing to the audience needs, your song can be on big charts. Algorithms in these apps give preference to user data and trends rather than a musician’s work history or popularity. It is a great factor you can use to your advantage to gain fame on Chinese platforms.

Collaborating With Chinese Media

Another option of starting in the Chinese Music Industry is to license your content and share it with different forms of media. You can feature your tracks in advertisements, dramas, movies, or any other entertainment you can think of. It will help you gain an initial audience which will further advance into a great one when you launch yourself on the music platforms.

Chinese Music Market has the potential to grow more in the upcoming years. Considering China’s population and the advancement of technology, more people will join these platforms & there will be a much bigger audience than what we have now. So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step and make your way into this Industry.

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