How To Make Your Music Videos And Livestreams Visually Appealing

The Music Industry is rapidly growing with each passing day. With over 52,000 artists just in the US, new releases are coming every week & competition is getting tougher with people using more techniques and technology to make their performances more engaging. With the fans becoming more demanding, musicians struggle to live up to the expectations of their fans. Fan these days not only look for music but also a decent storyline, a background, and visually compelling videos.

Humans have always been fond of beauty & as they say, beauty attracts humans. Making your music videos visually beautiful will attract listeners which may later turn into your fans. Now the questions what options do you have to achieve this? Well, we have summarized some significant points that will make your new releases a high success.

Visually Appealing Posters and Cover Art

Posters and the Covert Art provide the first impression of the song. If it has some mistakes then it might affect your promotions. People mostly decide whether they want to listen to a song or not by getting the first impression through the cover art. Aesthetically pleasing cover arts can score you a big audience. You can make the cover arts visually appealing by taking into consideration the lighting, the visual effects, and the texts and making sure that all of them relate to the theme of your song. You can also promote your song by posting the cover arts on different social media platforms.

A Consistent Theme Of The Album

The next thing you should be careful about is how the theme of an album interests fans to listen to the whole album. If one song from the album becomes popular, high odds the listeners will crave similar songs & then your consistent theme effect will play its role. You can also use an album to make a storyline through different songs by portraying each event in an individual song. It will also intrigue listeners to know about the whole plot resulting in your album’s success. This idea could backfire if you are not careful about the storyline and the entire album becomes a failure. So, Proceed with Caution!

Make Versatile Videos

The easiest to gain more followers is to make a range of videos of just one song. Make a cinematic version, a drama version depending on the feelings you want to carry with your song, an acoustic version with just simple instruments and melody. You can also release a lyrical version of the song with the lyrics appearing on the screen to help your listeners understand them. An animated version also sounds good. Some people even prefer live performance videos.

Fans are never more excited than they see their favorite artist perform live. But not everyone can afford the tickets to a live concert. People expect to see footage of the concert after the show ends & what will be better than the artist releasing the music video by himself.

Launching Merchandise

Every now and then, you see people wearing merch of different brands. You can also launch a specific merch of your own that firmly describes the theme of your next song. People love to buy goods from their favorite artists & they proudly own these goods. Also, it is free marketing if they wear your clothing merch outside their house. It will help spread the news of your new album or song & people will get curious to know about it. You can promote the song yourself by wearing your merch to significant functions and events. You can also hire models before the launch of your merch and song to market the product.

The above-mentioned points will help you gain more followers and fans. These tips are not definite; they might work in some cases or may not. Remember, the key is to drive the engagement to your content, whether you do it with these tricks or some others. Our job was to show you the way & now it is up to you to keep experimenting with these ideas; who knows you might figure the ultimate and absolute method hiding in these tricks. 

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