How To Make Your Livestream Compelling And More Exciting?

The pandemic has changed the perspective of how we look at things. Livestreaming, which was not so common before and was used only by a small number of artists to showcase their talent, has changed drastically. Now almost all the big guns in the music industry are conducting virtual concerts for their fans to listen to them perform live. Livestreaming will become more common in the coming years & who knows when will it change the music industry & there will be no live concerts at all.

Though virtual concerts have become a big thing, they will never come close to the feeling of being at a live concert. There is a major difference between a virtual concert held with all the preparations and a Livestream of a musician from his room. Well, if you want to arrange a virtual concert for your fans then you have come to the right place because we have got all the tips for you to hold a successful virtual concert.

Professional Equipment

The first thing you need to understand is that you must have a professional setup of musical instruments as well as the recording and streaming equipment. Investing in lighting will also give a nice look to your streams. Streaming with your phone camera is not a bad thing, it’s just that there is a fine line between casual streamers and professional ones. You can start with getting a good quality condenser microphone for noise-free voice, a high-resolution camera for high-quality video streaming, and a lighting setup for better lighting.

Selecting The Right Place For Your Stream

You have to be creative when you are setting a place from where you will Livestream. Your fans won’t be happy to see your stream in your shorts from your dirty room. You have to be professional and set up a place for your Livestreaming. Your fans are excited to see you perform so you must put an effort to avoid hurting their feelings. You can decorate your backyard with lights and other stuff and stream from there. You can also set up a studio that just requires initial investment & then you can stream anytime from there. You can also stream from your rooftop if you live in a large building. This will hit fans with the aesthetic feelings of being in the sky and listening to your music.

Make Use Of The Technology

Virtual reality has given us options we never thought we could have, like the option of creating a virtual room with only the investment of purchasing the software and a green screen. Livestreaming can be much easy with virtual rooms where you can have any setting of your choice without having to arrange anything. You can also hold virtual concerts where people can experience the feeling and joy of being at a live concert from their room.

Interactive Activities

Having contests on your Livestream will be great for fans to interact with your Livestream. Putting up a voting session for them to decide what songs you play next or encouraging them to donate by putting up a prize for the highest donator. Giving away prizes is the best way to lure in watchers & who knows maybe they get hit by your songs and become your fans.

Element Of Surprise

Who doesn’t like surprises? Everyone does. Fans can almost predict what happens next in a Livestream. Catching them with an element of surprise will surely give them some memories to remember you by. Whether it be holding a surprise collab with another artist or having a surprise guest on your stream, fans love when they get to see unpredictable things like these. You can also surprise them with a new song, unexpected announcements, or a change of setup. Anything that will hit them with the feeling of awe.

Live streams may not be here for a long time & people may get back to the conventional way of live concerts. But with these tricks, your Livestreams can gain you a decent amount of audience to hold a live concert for them later. These tricks are not definite & you can experiment however you want with them. Whatever works in your favor, we will be happy to see your success. Good Luck!

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