Storytelling Guide For Musicians

Music has become a regular part of our daily lives. We see people walking in the streets with their earphones in, we see them in the library listening to music, we can say that music is everywhere. From rock to classical music, from K-pop to folk music, there are many different categories of music. Music can even be a cure for mental illness. It has a vast impact on the lives of youth & artists should be careful enough to know the art of storytelling through music. Storytelling may not be a distinct category of music though it is an important part of this culture. Artists can share their story through their lyrics to help their fans not only understand who they are as a musician but who they are as a person. There are many ways an artist can use storytelling to express their feelings to the fans & we have listed some of the best ones below.

Stories From Your Childhood

You can share about your childhood through your music. You can talk about yourself like the place you were born in, whether it was a city or a town, the lifestyle you had when you were a child, how people treated you when you were a child, how did your parents raise you, everything there is to be known about you.

These stories can help people understand you better. You may even touch their hearts and make them your fans. Your acquaintances from your childhood can easily recognize you & they may become your fans. If you had a rough childhood, you can motivate the youth who are going through the same things to get rid of them and that the life ahead is better.

Share Your Inspiration

Everybody likes to know what inspired someone to become like this, how did they reach there & what was the trigger point that helps them become who they are now. You can share about the first time you had the thought of becoming a musician. How you threw away everything out and decided to pursue this career. Fans are always excited to know about the lives of their favorite artists and sharing your inspiration with them may inspire them to become a musician someday.

Stories Of Your Hard Times

Everybody in their lives has gone through hard times, be it financial challenges or emotional ones. When it comes to life, musicians are also human. Many musicians often share their tragic backstory which helps people understand them better. Musicians can earn their sympathy with this. You can tell them about the hurdles you faced throughout your journey, the challenges you overcame, and the things you left to achieve what you have today. People get motivated with stories like these and it inspires them to overcome their challenges too.

Stories About Your Musical Impacts

As a musician, you must have felt a huge connection between yourself and music. You can tell stories about the times you were influenced by music and the motivation that came after it. The songs your family listened to, the songs that inspired you to become a musician, and the songs that made huge impacts on your career. You will discover yourself more when you find answers to these questions & then you can incorporate these stories into your songs to help your fans know about yourself more.

Stories About Songs

Did you start your career by playing an instrument or did you write lyrics at the start? What were your emotions when you first wrote a song? What were your expressions when you got to see the public reaction to your first song? You can portray all these stories into your songs to share your journey with your fans. It’s always interesting to know about the background of a song.

Stories About Your Musical Experience

Coming last into the ride of stories, stories of your musical encounters. It can be a story of a collaboration you did with a certain artist. It can be a story of your favorite travel journey you did for a concert. Stories about practice sessions, Stories about your first performance, anything that relates to the engagements you encountered after becoming a musician.

Sharing stories of your experiences and journey is a great method to connect with your fans. You can understand the need of your fans & they can know you much better. Sharing stories with your fans is always rewarding & it can help strengthen the bond between you and your fans. Follow all these points & we hope you are able to connect with your fans much better from now on.


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