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Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly, Founder and CEO of Black Dog Music Partners is a 30-year fundraising, marketing, sales, training and publicity veteran. Scott has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital for disruptive companies, garnered national media coverage for hundreds of regional and national brands and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues for the companies he has represented.

He has also trained over 1,000 sales people and has taught marketing at the university level in the United States and Europe. Scott is currently an Adjunct Professor in the College of Business at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. When not making his clients famous, Scott spends his time in countless sporting events with his wife and two boys. He loves a good craft beer and playing with his “Black Dog” Melvin.


Honors and Awards:


George Miller

Director of Artist Relations

My name is George Miller, I’m from Costa Mesa, CA and a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ with a bachelors in marketing and advertising. Currently I work at Zia Records as a trade buyer and floor associate. My passion in life is music and I have aspirations to open an indie record store. My whole life I have been surrounded by music. In my high school days I would be attending local shows every week and digging through crates at record stores for old cassette tapes. At heart I’m a diehard dead head so I have a love for creativity and art. I feel music is the ultimate expression of one's creativity and personal freedom and that’s why I want to be surrounded by it 24/7.

Breana Brown

Social Media Intern

Hello, I’m Breana Brown, and I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. Currently, I am an MBA Music Business student at Southern New Hampshire University. I completed my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Illinois State University in 2016. From middle school to my undergrad, I was involved in concert band and marching band. Pop music and the entertainment business have always been huge interests of mine and working in the music industry had been a goal of mine since high school. After figuring out what I was truly interested in, I made the decision to go back to school for music. At Black Dog Music Partners, I’m looking forward to learning new skills and gaining experience.

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