Music Financing

Providing Creatives With Upfront Access to Cash to Help Fund Upcoming Projects

Royalty streams are the lifeblood of any artist, songwriter or producer. But sometimes, those checks can be delayed or lack the funds needed to fuel creativity and drive continued success. We provide a solution that puts cash in your pocket quickly, with funding options that are tailored to your specific needs (without the need for personal financial statements or even tax returns!). Best of all, your copyrights are never at risk. Imagine financial and creative freedom without compromising ownership of your copyrights or your independence. 

You Keep Your Copyrights, Always.

Instead, your music royalty streams are what’s tapped into with flexible terms and pricing. There’s multiple pricing options, so you can choose the best solution to suit your needs. Custom-tailored for you, because one size does not fit all.

Royalty advances are based on your music, not your personal financial history. No personal guarantees, non-credit based. From cash advances, to income forecasting, to uncollected royalty searches, we can help provide it all!

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