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On The Music Search Engine For Ads & Brand Content

Bopper Music is a popular music search engine platform for the ad industry. With Bopper, advertising professionals can easily browse and license music in seconds—with just a click of a button. Bopper Music is used and trusted by world renowned brands like Nike, Google, Adidas, Ford, Dove, Sony, and many more.

Bopper Music Supports Indie Musicians

Our partners at Bopper Music have created the music platform we’ve always dreamed of: one that supports artists and composers through a fair, sustainable pricing model. Bopper’s pricing structure ensures that you’re paid a fair amount for your work, without having to wade through time-consuming negotiations. With 20+ years experience in the industry, Bopper has licensed thousands of tracks for ads.

Used By World Renowned Brands

Bopper Is A Trusted Partner

Bopper’s mission is to create win-win scenarios for artists, agencies, and brands. We’re happy to announce an official partnership with Bopper. If you’d like to submit your music for licensing opportunities with Bopper, fill out our artist submission form.

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