Trubify Aims to Pay More Than Any Other Streaming Platform.

Trubify is a free live music streaming app that’s built around one idea: paying artists what they deserve. That means you. And we know what you’re thinking. “Why should I bother with another streaming platform?” Let us break it down.

Here's Why You Should
Join Trubify:

  • Trubify pays you for livestreams, archived streams and uploaded content
  • You can finally monetize your favorite cover songs
  • Get in-app tips on live and pre-recorded content
  • Trubify has your back with marketing support and partner artist promotions
  • Trubify is 100% free to download and use
  • Trubify aims to pay more than any other streaming platform

"It’s incredibly powerful to share my music and almost instantaneously see results.”

- Marlena, Trubify Artist

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