SXSW: Proto and HIFI Labs Present Hologram Concerts

Each day at 4 PM at the Creative Industries Expo, Proto will present one of HIFI Labs artists in a solo hologram concert – demonstrating the potential to reach fans around the world in this new communications medium; Ayoni, Bobby Marks, Isabel Dumas, and Ryan Polle will appear

Austin, TX (March 13, 2022): Proto Inc., formerly known as PORTL, and HIFI Labs,  the artist incubator and creative technology studio, will present a series of afternoon concerts in the Epic hologram device at Proto’s booth at the SXSW Creative Industries Expo at the Austin Convention Center, booth #741.

Featured artists include: Bobby Marks, the dance-oriented singer-songwriter, Ryan Pollie whose lush orchestrations have been compared to E.L.O. and the Beach Boys, 18-year old San Francisco phenom with a conversational singing style Isabel Dumas, and Ayoni, the Barbadian singer whose song “Unmoved (A Black Woman’s Truth” was a stand out response to the Black Lives Matter movement (and who’s ethereal pop sound has been compared to Lorde and Adele too).

Proto, which is also a finalist in the “Connecting People” category of the festival’s Innovation Awards, is the technology that has been beaming executives, athletes, and artists all over the world this year. Music industry leaders who have used Proto include Sean Combs, Migos, Kane Brown, Pusha T, Deadmau5, Maxim of the UK electronic dance band The Prodigy as well as the magazine Rolling Stone.

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About Proto Inc.

Proto Inc., founded as PORTL in 2018, is the maker of hologram devices and the software and cloud services to support holoportation. Founded by inventor and CEO David Nussbaum, its award-winning products are now in use all over the world, beaming executives, tech and science experts, and sports and music celebrities to events, displaying NFTs and other objects and becoming a vital new tool for education, retail, marketing, and the hospitality industry. The Tim Draper-backed startup has recently been named the number one new technology at Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona, the Best new Telecom Startup by the IT awards, and a three-time CES Innovation Awards Honoree for 2022. Proto’s headquarters are in Los Angeles and it has satellite and distributor showrooms in New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Proto seeks to bring people together across every kind of divide. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. For more information go to

About HIFI Labs

HIFI Labs is an artist incubator and creative technology studio on a mission to help musicians grow their careers sustainably and own their success. Through two sides of the company – its Artist Lab and Idea Lab – HIFI Labs is building tech, tools, and custom systems that empower artists to optimize their fanbase, create their best art, and break through the noise while retaining control of their careers. The overall company vision is that one day, musicians will own their art, control their career, activate their own ideas, and make the decisions that shape their creative identities. More at

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