Why Producing Songs With Different Versions Is Necessary For Musicians?

Music is one of the most common things we all had our good and bad experiences of. While it is comforting for many listeners, it’s hard to compose and produce quality songs. It often takes a musician years to get recognized and be a part of the limelight. Some musicians start their career with original songs & they write, compose, and produce the song by themselves though some artists follow the trend of covers and remakes. You may have come across many different versions of a single song that brings up the question, is it necessary that a song has many versions to it and why? Well, we have the answer to it & we are happy to share it with you guys, so continue to read on.

Perceiving The Right Genre For Yourself

Many musicians don’t become famous with their first song. They have to hustle till they get the right track that becomes celebrated by the fans and hence making them popular. Often musicians change their music style to a different one mid-career because they couldn’t get into it anymore. A great approach to saving yourself time and hustle will be; to initially release different versions of your first track to perceive the right music style for yourself. It will help define the path you should take further ahead in the music industry that suits you the best.

Getting A Bigger Audience 

A single track with different twists of melody will engage more audience than a track with only a single version. People have various choices when it comes to music & a music artist should know how to tend to their tastes. Some people may want a calm and soothing version so give them an acoustic one. Some want heavy metal action so, trap music will suit their taste. Many artists are even putting out different versions of classic songs with unique beats & fans are responding accordingly. The diversity in music is what keeps the industry running but some of the artists deny the idea of making different versions of a song. They believe in the uniqueness of a song and how it touches the heart and soul of the listener. Their purpose is to not ruin the feeling of originality & to keep the individuality of a song. But, anyway, if you want to reach out to a greater audience, then making various versions of your song will put you in a high show.

Covers And Remakes 

You have often come across songs with ‘cover’ in their title & you must have wonder why is it there? Well, cover songs are a genre of music that relates to the songs that are reinterpreted in some other form to make them differ from the original one. Many young artists create an acoustic cover of their songs to make them more soothing and relaxing for the audience who want to be at peace.

While many people use the terms cover and remake interchangeably, they still differ from each other in terms of definition. A remake is generally the same as the original one with some twist. Remakes are usually done of old songs considering the music culture of the ongoing Era.

Covers and remakes are a great way to enhance the success of your songs and make them popular.

Chances Of Getting The Best Version Of Your Song

With the first release of your song, it’s hard to get recognized by the audience since it may not be according to their taste. It’s always best to keep experimenting with different melodies to reach the best approach to your song. Though it requires dedication and hard work, it will surely help you in the long term. The act of pushing yourself to the limits comes with the best results. Young artists these days collab with other artists to make different versions of their songs & the results are great.

Gain Followers On Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms have become more common during the past few years & musicians are joining them to showcase their talent. Music artists providing people with a variety of different versions of their songs have faced little to no trouble making their name on these platforms. Soundcloud is a great starter app to initiate your music career & gain followers. You can later hit YouTube and Spotify to get to the big stage.

The music industry is growing with each passing day & the competition is also getting high. If you want to survive in the current music industry then you have to be efficient with the techniques you use in production. There are many great tricks to succeed in this industry & making different versions of a single song is one of the efficient ones.

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