Tev0n Releases New Single “Call Me Whenever”

Tev0n recently released his newest single “Call Me Whenever”.

Check it out: https://share.amuse.io/WIcZvvEYs0JC


Born in Brampton Ontario, Tev0n experienced an unstable start in the first few years of his life while living in the foster care system.  During this time, he developed what he describes as his “lifeline”—a passion for music. Tev0n explained “Music has gotten me through some of the hardest parts of my life, essentially saving me”. He goes on, “I decided to devote my life to it and bring positivity to the world in my own way”.

After spending two years in schooling at the Social Service Worker program, he decided the classroom wasn’t part of his path to reaching his highest potential. After many sleepless nights, he finally made the decision to devote his time and life to his true passion, music.

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